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“We believe that to ensure that our learners maintain an unquenchable enthusiasm for learning and reading we need to guide and encourage them to become creative, curious, confident and flexible learners with their own strategies for handling information” – Schools Library Association

Reading is a foundational skill essential for learning, personal growth and enjoyment. Our vibrant and stimulating Media Centre is dedicated to encouraging children to read and increase their literacy skills. Traditional reading and comprehension is no longer enough to ensure that our children develop the essential skills required for success in the present knowledge economy.

Faced with a barrage of different forms of media and technological platforms a child’s ability to comprehend various forms of information is a key indicator of success in school and in later life. A skill essential to lifelong learning is the ability to progress from decoding and comprehension to being able to interpretation and to infer meaning in order to create new ideas and understanding.

The 3 fundamental qualities of information that are new to us are that it is;-

1 networked,

2 digital and

3 abundant

As information becomes more networked, its nature changes. Unfiltered, it often comes directly from the author. It is instant. It is overwhelming. Responsible digital citizenship is essential.

The “Fusion” that we have created encompasses all forms of information literacy, art, drama, culture and values. It is a space where our children and teachers come to flex their learning muscles in a collaborative environment that caters for individual learning styles and interests.

Media Centre