A short History of Bryandale Primary School

 This cutting from the newspaper describes what it must have been like in the early days at Bryandalehistory-clipping.fw.

The Bryanston Third Primary School opened its doors to 206 non-uniformed children at the beginning of the first term in January 1973. The Headmaster assigned the task of getting the school going for the first year was a retired, former Inspector of Education, Mr Schultz. Brand new buildings, all the usual TED (Transvaal Education Department) stock, including curtains, desks, chairs, textbooks and  a wild unfenced playground were handed over. This is what the 8 teachers, one secretary and enthusiastic pupils faced on that historic day.

The teachers took charge of the educational needs of the children. Mr Schultz concentrated on constituting the first PTA (Parent Teachers’ Association) and Management Council. They were responsible for the assisting to employ the first headmaster for Bryandale. They chose a very dynamic, ambitious and dedicated young man, David Anderson. Mr Anderson was, at that time, the youngest principal of a primary school at 32 years old.

Together with the teams set in place by Mr Schultz, Mr Anderson proceeded to implement his vision for the school. He and the energetic and dedicated parents and teachers got to work to make the school look like a school. Many discussions and arguments as to the appropriate name of the school resulted in Bryandale Primary School. The introduction of our emblem was another important milestone in the creation of the school as we know it today. The decision of a uniform to suit the very elegant name was only finalized the following year. We have made only minor adjustments over the past 36 years to the style of the girl’s dresses. The fabric, however, is the very same.

The layout of the grounds was another ground breaking task. The funds had to be raised by the PTA. Boerewors rolls were on sale every Saturday morning at the local shopping centres.  While this exercise took some time our friendly neighbours, Bryanston Primary School and Bryanston High School allowed us to use their facilities for sports practices and matches. To them we owe a debt of gratitude and remain close working neighbours to this day. Tennis courts, netball courts, soccer fields, swimming pool and a cricket pitch were all built in the first five years.

Mr Anderson set the tone for what our school stands for: The caring, fair, honest, progressive elements make this school what it is today. Mr Anderson instilled in all he dealt with that integrity is essential when dealing with children. He led by example and his legacy remains in tact today. The history of this school is grounded on the values of the men and women who together with Mr Anderson ensured that this would remain the sought after option for education that it is today. The following are still true:  

  • Excellence in the community for the community – our vision
  • Positive and ongoing parent participation and support
  • A curriculum that will give the pupils skills, values and attitudes for life
  • An extramural programme to ensure that the pupils have the option to try as many activities as possible before they specialize
  • Responsible and consequential behaviour
  • True innate respect for all people whatever their colour, creed, culture or religion may be.
  • The ability see the good in all people.
  • The knowledge that every one of us can and should make a difference where we live work and play.

We are indeed blessed to have had positive input from the many teachers leaders, parents and children who have left their footprints on the corridors of this school.