Phase 2 of the 2022 Admissions Period will commence on 13 September 2021 and close on 8 October 2021. Phase 2 caters for Grade 1 Applications and for applications from outside of public schools in Gauteng to Grade 8 – A-List applications will be accepted, based on home addresses within the feeder zones closest to the school.

Grade 2-7 applications opening date: Monday 13th September 2022

Applications are made directly with the school/s. Complete an online application (step 3 below, see step-by-step guide for assistance). Once submitted online and supporting documents have been uploaded, print (12 x sections), sign (both parents) and *deliver to our school together with copies of all supporting documents to be added to the waiting list and collect a receipt.

* Online completed applications are only valid once they have delivered to our school

Supporting Documents Required:

· Certified copy of unabridged birth certificate of applicant

· Certified copy of mother’s ID document

· Certified copy of father’s ID document

· Copy of up-to-date vaccination/clinic card

· Copy of latest school report

· Proof of address in the parent/s name:

OWNED – statement of rates, water and lights (original and copy) 

RENTED – copy of valid rental agreement as well as supporting documentation (rental statement, account with your name reflecting address)

· Proof of parent’s employment / work address/es

Step 1

Criteria for waiting list A

Step 2 

Apply online GDE



Step 3

Online application form – Scadsys Admissions




School Admission Management Plan







Scadsys application online step-by-step guide 




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