The Bryanston Third Primary School opened its doors to 206 non-uniformed children at the beginning of the first term in January 1973. The Headmaster assigned the task of getting the school going was retired Mr Schultz. Brand new buildings including all the usual TED(Transvaal Education Department) finishings and natural unfenced gardens as well as desks, chairs and textbooks all neatly boxed. These are what the 8 teachers one secretary and enthusiastic pupils faced on that historic day.

The first task was the forming of the PTA (Parent Teachers’ Association). These energetic and dedicated parents and teachers got to work to make the school into a school. Many discussions and arguments as to the appropriate name of the school resulted in Bryandale Primary School. The decision of the uniform to suit the very elegant name was only finalised the following year. This has not changed in 27 years.

The layout of the grounds was another ground breaking task. The funds had to be raised by the PTA. While this exercise took some time our friendly neighbours, Bryanston Primary School and Bryanston High School allowed us to use their facilities for sports practices and matches. To them we owe a debt of gratitude and remain close working neighbours to this day.

The school grew steadily in pupil numbers till it reached 1 in 1. Ten prefabricated classrooms were added in the 1980’s. The first major structure to be added by the parent Body was the David Anderson Media Centre in 198 A year later the computer centre was furnished using the classroom next to the Library part of the Media Centre. This was later moved to the first floor where it is currently housed.

In 1994 our school became a "Model C" school. It was in this year that Mr Anderson sadly left Bryandale after 19 very successful and exciting years.

Mr Wim Wessels took over the reigns for 4 years and brought an exciting creative flair to this well established school. During his time he saw to the building of the Bryandale Pre Primary School on the property next door.

The former became the Home of the Learning Centre. This is a multi-disciplinary therapy centre and took the place of the TED’s Educational Aid Centre and has proved to be a most valuable part of the service we offer our parents.

The re-creation of the wetland at the bottom of Cumberland Road was the most ambitious community project undertaken and driven By Mrs Rosemary Fowkes and her team. This AMAZING project started during Mr Wessels’ headmastership was finally opened by the next Principal, Mrs Griebenow.